About Us

We are reinventing messaging by going way beyond text. WigMee is a fundamentally different messaging platform that facilitates complex interactions between people, services and more in future. WigMee allows users to convey intent by clicking on an action rather than typing long text messages. Also, WigMee understands conversational context, derives structure in it and present unique interactions for that context. For example, users can poll to decide which movie to go or they can have their contacts rate in real time a dress they are about to buy at a mall or they can create a list of things to do to prepare for a trip.

We associate deeply with this problem and find current IM experience incomplete. We face this frustration on a day to day basis and want to unbox the potential of facilitating interactions that go beyond text. This is a multi billion dollar opportunity and we believe we have only scratched the surface. Contact us to know more.

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